Our Political Predicament

In our most recent publication, the issue of election was paramount and took the headlines of all world media. Religious sentiment in Nigeria cannot be devoid of the political arena.
The Christian community at various levels and times pretended to be too holy to be involved.

It is very clear that political power encourages spiritual freedom. We can see that in the contention between the Roman authorities and the early believers. The elections are since come and gone. A Christian leader who could not keep his religious ethics in his political career lost to a Muslim. Right from the day Muhammadu Buhari’s government was inaugurated, (29 May, 2015), we can see clearly the number of appointments made so far. Over 90% are Muslims and close allied are all Muslims.

Sad in this game was the support given to the Muslim with a trust that he will end insurgency. Today, we are still under insurgency. Unfortunately, we read from the media how the leader of ISIS has secured a Nigerian visa to come and hide in Nigeria. This seems to be speaking about the connection between Nigeria’s terror group and ISIS.

Mistakes upon mistakes in the name of spirituality are common among Christians. When we finally lost political power, we are fast drawing to the end of our religious freedom as Nigerians. As we pray we must watch.