My Journey to Salvation

One day as I was reading Qu’ran 5:6, my mind was impacted by the phrase: “People of the book” and I began to investigate. Who are the people of the Book? I found that Bashir Higgab in his book “Article of Faith” had in fact translated this phrase as “those who received the truth before you”. So what is the truth they received? These were questions that continued to cross my mind.

My Islamic Religious Knowledge Teacher, the late Uztaz Abdullah Mohammed quickly rebuked me and told my father that if I continued with this kind of investigation, he was concerned that I might depart from the way, i.e. leave Islam. It is interesting that it took him (Uztaz A. Mohammed) two years to answer those questions because of his fear of the outcome, which according to him was the likelihood of becoming an unbeliever. (Leave Islam)

Finally after much pressure, he told me that the phrase actually referred to Christians and Jews. (Because Islam had a link with the two faiths, Christianity and Judaism).

My turning point came as I asked “what then do Muslims have if Christians have the truth?” What then is uniqueness of the truth they (Muslims) have? If the Book is given or revealed to other and they are known by Allah as people of the Book, what are Muslims? People of What? Or do we have two books or truths?

As I meditated on these questions without any real answer from any of my teachers for eight years, the great Teacher, the Holy Spirit gave me the right answer and guided me to the Truth. (John 14:26). The Counselor counselled me.

There was a Christian Youth Conference on that fateful week-end. I asked God for the money to attend the first Christian gathering I was prepared to go to. God answered and provided more than I needed!

So I went – and for three days the Word was preached and altar calls made, yet I was silent and I returned home that Sunday evening. On the following Monday evening, the Imam of my Mosque, the late Uztaz Abubakar came with a team.

I was summoned before my mother, step-mother and all my younger siblings. Below is a summary of how the conversation went. Translated from Hausa to English:
Uztaz Abubakar: We learnt that you attended a Christian Conference, in spite of your Islamic knowledge and role among young Muslims. Did you go there to observe or do you just admire them or you are intending to join them? (Christians)
Muhammed: (Without any second thought) I am not only intending or admiring or observing them but I have become a Christian.

The scream of shahadad alerted me of the danger of my action and where I was. Immediately, concern for my own safety came to me – so that I went to the nearby Pastor to declare my new faith and make a public confession of Christ. It was from that moment I became a Christian. My spiritual Journey began with no discipleship until recently, when I have met friends on the net.


3 thoughts on “My Journey to Salvation

  1. congratulation for having received jesus. he, himself said that those who search for him, shall see him. because you did it he also did the same . have you have heard beheading of apostates and kaffir and alike persecutions by the religion of peace? jesus knew it, plz read John 16;1-4 and your reward in relavation 19:4-6. never turn back ever forward.

  2. I admire ur courage brother, I also thank God for d holy spirit who became ur counsellor. Keep on in d faith, may d lord strengthen u IJN. Ur testimony shall multiply in d life of so many muslim and non muslim dat read ur “journey to salvation”.

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