Update on prominent Islamic preacher who has come to faith

Our friend and brother, the Uztaz who recently came to faith had no option but to accept his wife’s request for divorce as demanded by her parents since his conversion to Christianity.  An Islamic shariah court granted his wife the divorce.

The Uztaz is remaining faithful to Jesus and has accepted remaining single. He presently reads the Arabic copy of the Bible presented to him by Passion.  His children are already enrolled in various Christian/Western education schools, funded by some believers.  Both children are doing well and would appreciate your prayers and support.  They are all gradually overcoming the culture shock as they blend easily into Christian communities..

Passion Seminars fulfill a great unmet need in Nigeria






Pictured above are some of the pastors who attended a recent Passion Seminar in Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria.

Over 25 different denominations under the umbrella body of the Pentecostal Fellowship (PFN) of Nigeria attended the Seminar.  They all came from Abuja Municipal and two local Government areas of Nasarawa state that shares a boundary with Abuja.

Ruth Veltkamp, in the purple dress, was a guest speaker at the Seminar.  She currently lives in Michigan, USA.  She had served in Northern Nigeria for over forty years as a missionary.  With her wealth of experience, she spoke on: “Forgiveness as God intended it; a tool for Muslim Evangelism in Northern Nigeria” and “Challenges of Muslim evangelism in Northern Nigeria”

Rev. Ibrahim’s topics included “Christianity and the global Islamic agenda”, “Holistic Discipleship of Muslim Background Believers” and “The History of Christian-Muslim relations and our salvation.”
The next training Seminar will be held in Zonkwa in early January, 2014.