Newsletter Nov 2014 – Not good news

Please find our latest  Newsletter for Passion for Converts International:

From Passion’s Desk

There is a dimensional change of focus as a result of the changing trends of events here in Nigeria and the world at large as it concerns Islamic and terrorism. On Friday the 28th November, 2014, during the Friday prayer in the central city of Kano, there were multiple blasts by the Nigerian version of the Al Qaeda known as Boko Haram. This is the worst of terror attack in the history of Nigeria and Africa. Over 120 people died in the blasts according to the official figures. However, unconfirmed sources indicate that the death toll could have been over 600. A female suicide bomber who was caught revealed that Boko Haram has prepared over 50 suicide bombers with the aim of killing not less than 100,000 people before the end of December.  It is very clear that whoever opposes the group’s agenda stand the risk of facing the same terror attacks. This indicates further the need for an urgent study of Islam and violence – the field I intend to embark on.

Rev. Muhammed Ibrahim

Thank you for remembering Passion for Converts International in your prayers..

Significant Upcoming Event:


Please pray for Rev. Ibrahim and Pastor Nelson Foni as they lead the three day program of this Community event in Makarau.  Pray that the hearts of all those who attend will be drawn into a closer and more meaningful relationship with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ..

Encouraging Seminar







Passion held a Seminar on 26th November, 2014 in an Anglican Church in Kaduna town. The seminar content was an adapted teaching delivered by Ruth Veltkamp to ECWA* Pastors in Fadan Kagoma on ‘The world sign’. It is contextualized in the light of the Boko Haram. It emphasises the sign God desires us to see.

At the end of this Seminar, 27 people made a commitment to become involved in Muslim mission. However, they requested further training.

A book titled, “Glad News: God loves you my Muslim friend” by Samy Tanagho was made available to participants at a subsidised price. This was made possible through a donation received from Voice of the Martyrs Australia.

(*ECWA – Evangelical Church Winning All).