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Passion for convert is a child of necessity that comes in a time that it is mostly needed. It is a product of experience that emanated from clear passion for holistic discipleship. The primary vision of Passion is to provide a holistic discipleship of Christian with Islamic background popularly known as (Muslim Background Believers) MBB. It aims at reducing the risk of convert’s backsliding to Islam due to inevitable and manageable challenges. We aim at providing options for every convert to choose a source of livelihood without necessarily becoming a pastor. Ensure that only genuinely called Pastors from Islamic background are in the pastoral ministry through proper teaching and holistic discipleship.

How far is Passion gone now?

We started by opening a website Through this site, we provide online discipleship to converts from various parts of the world such as Afghanistan, India and others. We have been doing this for the past six years now with great result to the glory of God.

Passion has had the privilege of traveling to Uganda where souls were saved through an open air crusade in Jinja region. Today we partner with ‘The Master Ministry International Church Uganda’. This is beside other ministration here in Nigeria.

Recently, Passion established a partnership with Covenant Baptist Church Akute, Ogun State. I had a teaching session for a group of MBBs who are part of the Church. I also conducted deliverance prayer for them (Deliverance Prayer & the Spiritual Life)

I will be returning to Covenant Baptist Church end of June for ‘Mission to the Muslims’ mobilization for the entire members of the Church. I will also be teaching on holistic discipleship during this proposed visit.

Passion is currently registered with the Federal Government of Nigeria under company and Allied matters Decree of 1999. Our certificate number is CAC/IT/NO48154

Passion has also successfully opened a Domiciliary and current account for the purpose of transparency and accountability. Account Details:

  • Domiciliary Account:
  • Name: Passion for converts International Ministry. Acct. no. 0112446485
  • Domiciliary Account ( Outside Nigeria)
  • Current Account number:  0112445598, Bank name is: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
  • Swift code GTBINGLA


For us to obtain registration, we constituted a board of trustees namely: Rev. Muhammed Ibrahim (Founder/ Executive Director), Dr. Adam Luka Atuk, Mrs Cecilia Micheal Bala, Prof. Umar H. Danfulani. Patrons: Rt. Revd. Paul Samuel Zamani & Mrs Agatha Ayang Akayet.


This board must meets in every three months according to constitutional requirement. However, emergency meetings are arraigned when there is an urgent need to deliberate upon. Beside emergency meetings, Passion meets just to pray in every two weeks. So we meet for Spiritual equipping as well as for business.

What we do now

Since it is our desire to provide both in-door and out-door discipleship, we need a camp where we can host converts from every denomination, every country and every tribe who believe Jesus as Lord and Savior. Unfortunately, we have not got to this stage of having a camp for converts, as a result, we give out-door discipleship. We visit Converts anywhere we find them and give them teachings that can help them to withstand the inevitable challenges when they finally come. This now involves constant travelling to anywhere we receive the news of any convert. We do this in faithful partnership with the church setting in which a convert is found or worships.

Besides the training, we give out copies of Bibles; attach interested converts to skill acquisition centers of members of passion. (Now we have Carpentry, Poultry and fishery).

We give Converts little financial assistance particularly to those who intend to continue their education within our financial ability. We give clothes for different sex of converts where we can reach. We assist in feeding when such need is on ground. In short, we respond to the needs of converts anywhere and anytime.

What shall we do in future?            

We shall acquire enough property that will meet the vision of Passion in any part convenient, safe and affordable. Passion will open Schools at various levels to educate all converts in the camp. The school shall start from Nursery, Primary and Secondary and even to Tertiary level as the Lord will enables us to do. Passion will be involved in fund generating ventures in order to be financially independent and meet up with the possible growing needs of the Organization. The aim here is to remove in future any form of dependence.

Passion will establish a Radio Station which will focus on the propagation of peace to create an enabling environment for evangelism. This Radio Station shall also proclaim the gospel in every language of the people around us.

Who is working for Passion now?

For now, everyone who is a member of Passion is a worker in Passion. We have only one Administrative Secretary who is not on salary but depend on what the Lord give us. However, this is because Passion is at the nucleus stage and when fully grown, we shall employ staffs in various fields to meet –up our bigger vision.

Who are we supporting now?

Passion has supported many converts. Presently, Passion is supporting over 80 converts at various levels and in various places in Nigeria and Uganda. We may not be able to mention names or places for the sake of security. Some we give Bibles but few are currently learning one skill or the other. Some are in schools.


The website, is facing some kind of challenges. We have not been able to update because our partner who is managing the site is busy with other jobs to meet –up with his challenges and needs. We will need to employ the service of an expert on website management who will help in this area.

Prayer request

  1. Pray that all Churches all over the world will understand the need for holistic discipleship and also be committed to this to the glory of God
  2. Pray for all members of Passion for Converts that we may be more committed and united
  3. Pray for financial provision in view of the fact that we depend on God without asking people for financial help.
  4. Pray that we will never gets discouraged in view of the immense needs before us with nothing forthcoming
  5. Pray for convicted and faithful partners who will identify with our vision and burden. Above all may people be willing to carry this burden with us to the glory of God.
  6. Pray for more open doors for the proclamation of the Gospel all over the world


As it is today, Passion for Converts International is funded through the donations of our members and little help from friends which does not come regularly.


  1. Office equipments such as, Computers (Laptops or Desk tops), Chairs and Tables, writing material etc
  2. Funds to enable Passion acquire the land that will be used for the camp
  3. Mobility ranging from Bicycles, Motor bikes, cars or truck for future construction work and travelling etc
  4. Means of communication. We need to establish a media house that will be used in proclaiming the Gospel.


We are a people of faith and we shall succeed by faith. We believe in a God that makes all things possible. He has called and we believe he will equip to the glory of His name. We hereby ask that all brethren may see the need for this mission especially now that we cannot afford to see a convert from Islamic background backslide to Islam; now that we need people of the same tribe and cultural background to penetrate their people group. We need to prepare an Army for the Lord to reach the Muslims world.

Remain Blessed

Rev. Muhammed Ibrahim

Founder/ ED

Passion for Converts International Ministry

Kaduna Nigeria..

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