The Board of Passion for Converts International

The Board of Passion for Converts International after their meeting in April 2013. 





Front row L-R: Mrs.Antonia Muhammed (Teacher with Kaduna State Government), Dr.L.Adams (Board Chairman, Medical Doctor at Federal Neo-psychiatric Hospital, Kaduna), Mrs.Agatha Akayet (Retired National Petroleum Corporation of Nigeria worker), Rt.Rev.Paul S.Zamani (Anglican Bishop of Kwoi Diocese, Southern Kaduna state).

Back row L-R: Rev.M.Ibrahim(Founder & Director), Hon.Alex Y.Makarau (Service Legislator, Lower House of Assembly), Zangon Kataf (Local Government of Kaduna state, Nigeria)
Inserts: Prof.Umar H.Danfulani, Mrs.Cecilia Bala (Treasurer)


Passion Founder visits Australia

Rev. Muhammed Ibrahim, Founder and Director of Passion for Converts International,visited
Melbourne and Brisbane
for four weeks during March and April, 2013. He last visited Australia in 2006.


He writes, “After finishing my Masters in Inter-cultural Studies at the West Africa Theological Seminary in Lagos, Nigeria in October, 2012, I was keen to explore the possibilities of doing a Ph.D in Australia.  It was a joy to meet up with some old friends again on this trip and make many new friends.

After a successful and blessed trip to and from Australia, I’m glad to inform you that God gave us a sister from Islam whose name is Ai’shah.*  She has had a 13 year marriage to a Muslim but Jesus appeared to her and saved her.  Passion is helping her Spiritually, has arranged temporary accommodation for her but needs to financially establish her.”
* Her real name withheld for security reasons..

Podcast – Nigerian Christians Persecuted

The following is a radio interview 03 APR 2013 between Neil Johnson (Vision Radio) and Muhammed Ibrahim (Passion For Converts Int)  whilst he was in Australia.

Former Nigerian Muslim now Anglican priest

Muhammed Ibrahim is a former Nigerian Muslim who was converted to Christianity and is now an Anglican priest. Muhammed is also founder of a ministry called “Passion For Converts International” and is ministering right in the midst of the violence and working to help Christian converts from Islam in very difficult circumstances. In part 2 of our chat he shares his own story of conversion to Christianity and his passion for helping former Muslims who have converted to Christianity. In the final part of our conversation he talks about “Internal Persecution” which includes rejection in almost every area of life in Nigeria.

Host: Neil Johnson
Guest: Rev Muhammed Ibrahim

Source: Vision Radio Network from 20Twenty..