Makarau community Crusade 2015

Passion for Converts International again partnered with the Makarau Community for a Revival Crusade 25th -27th December, 2015. The theme was “Destroying Foundations and Loosing the Chains” Acts 16:26.

This is the 3rd year now that Makarau community and Passion submitted the entire community to God in prayer in “Makarau community crusade”. We have uncountable number of testimonies.

We’ll provide more details in our next newsletter.

Newsletter Aug 2015 – Our Political Predicament

Please find our latest  Newsletter for Passion for Converts International:

From Passion’s Desk:

It is one thing to have a convert but it is another and most important thing to have such a convert established in his or her newly found hope and identity before men and God. Passion is doing all within reach to have our converts established. Attention has recently been turned in this direction.

Musa, the first of the Lord’s harvest in my family is our concern today. Since 1998 when I was saved, I have never stop praying for my family.  The unique thing about Passion is that it provided both spiritual and material encouragement that can make any convert from Islam to Christianity, holistic. We have the grace to discern a convert’s genuine conversion and move such to the next level of life.

We also move the church’s leadership from the level of doubting converts to that of discerning if a convert is convinced and converted.  As a group of passionate missionaries and disciple makers, we raise mission-minded believers. We are committed to doing all of this in and outside Nigeria.

Rev. Muhammed Ibrahim

Thank you for remembering Passion for Converts International in your prayers.

Worth reading – Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, former devout Muslim Nabeel Qureshi describes his dramatic
journey from Islam to Christianity, complete with the friendships, investigations, and dreams and visions he encountered along the way.
Many Westerners are confused about Islam, somewhat fearful of Muslims, or simply uninformed about the relationship between the Islamic and Christian faiths.

In turn, many Muslims are hindered by cultural, intellectual, and theological barriers from under-standing, or even rightly hearing, the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Throughout his story Qureshi provides a compassionate yet powerful apologetic for Christianity over Islam, with an emphasis on relationships and love.

  • ISBN: 0310515025

500 long days …

On August 25, a candle-lit vigil was held in Abuja by many relatives of 219 still-missing schoolgirls,marking 500 days since their abduction by Boko Haram fighters in the town of Chibok in Borno state.

It has been reported by international rights group Amnesty International, that at least 2,000 women and girls have been captured by the group since the beginning of 2014.

Upcoming Events:

A Seminar incorporating a Book Project is planned for October, 2015.
We intend to sell a range of books about Islam, written from a Christian perspective by Christian Islamic scholars. Christian leaders from Kaduna and Kwoi diocese will attend the Seminar.
It is intended to encourage Christians to read those things Muslims never teach or tell Christians about Islam.
This will demand a significant amount of money, since the books will need to be subsidized to be affordable.

Three communities are asking Passion to hold a community crusade in December, 2015. This is a very important outreach for Passion. The result of the three year community crusades held in Makarau, Rev. Ibrahim’s home village, is evident and welcome.

Another amazing story

For security reasons, we are not able to publish a photo of a new
convert named Tahir.
His parents are Muslims from a Royal family in northern Nigeria.
Here is his story as related by Rev. Ibrahim:

“Tahir received Christ in his dreams and confessed this to me when he met me in the mechanic’s workshop where he works and where Tahir’s boss repairs my car.  He heard his boss call me Pastor and eventually discovered that my name is Muhammed. He went to the far end of the workshop to talk to me. I told him how I became a Pastor. When Tahir heard my testimony, he told me that Jesus has being visiting him in his dreams for the past two years but he never had any idea how to confess this because of fear. He asked for my help to lead him to Christ and also help him face less persecution. Today I have Tahir with me serving and enjoying the fellowship of brethren. He looks forward to having a bus and becoming a commercial bus driver. This will need our collective support.”

It was a joy to hear that Tahir can read and speak English.
He is currently reading ‘Let Your Light Shine!: Christian Witness in a Muslim Context’ by John Azumah.


Seminars continue

This photo was taken after a Seminar held on 27th June.  The participants were from a community living in Narayi. Parents were instructed in how to use familiar Bible stories, such as the Slave girl in the Na’aman story, to teach their children to reach out to Muslim children.

This Seminar, organised by Passion, was held on July 25 in The Church of Advent Bayan Dutse, Narayi.
The aim was to encourage christian young people to potentially become missionaries to the Muslims.

‘Angela’ our real-life prodigal daughter

We have the Bible record of a Prodigal son but Passion has the account of our first prodigal daughter. Angela, (not her real name), is a 20 year old convert we reported on in our previous Newsletter.She left our home unexpectedly on May 27, 2015. We sent messages asking our friends to pray for her soul.We are thankful unto God and all who prayed for Angela, that she surfaced in Lagos and pleaded for forgiveness. Jesus gave her no peace until she confessed her folly. We have forgiven her.We are in partnership with her church in Lagos who will move her to a Girls’ boarding school where she will be educated.  We plan for her to come to our house for holidays in December, 2015.?

Our Political Predicament

In our most recent publication, the issue of election was paramount and took the headlines of all world media. Religious sentiment in Nigeria cannot be devoid of the political arena.
The Christian community at various levels and times pretended to be too holy to be involved.

It is very clear that political power encourages spiritual freedom. We can see that in the contention between the Roman authorities and the early believers. The elections are since come and gone. A Christian leader who could not keep his religious ethics in his political career lost to a Muslim. Right from the day Muhammadu Buhari’s government was inaugurated, (29 May, 2015), we can see clearly the number of appointments made so far. Over 90% are Muslims and close allied are all Muslims.

Sad in this game was the support given to the Muslim with a trust that he will end insurgency. Today, we are still under insurgency. Unfortunately, we read from the media how the leader of ISIS has secured a Nigerian visa to come and hide in Nigeria. This seems to be speaking about the connection between Nigeria’s terror group and ISIS.

Mistakes upon mistakes in the name of spirituality are common among Christians. When we finally lost political power, we are fast drawing to the end of our religious freedom as Nigerians. As we pray we must watch.

Answered prayer and a pressing need

In March, the Ibrahim family entered a new era – they were, at last, mobile.  “Movement and security were the major reasons for the need of a car in this ministry. Today, I move to and from with all security without exposing myself to risk. I recently used the car to move and respond to (my brother) Musa’s call to explain his desire to accept what our late mother asked him to believe. I can now make trips whenever requests come. Thanks to God for all who contributed for the purchase of this car.” Rev.Ibrahim said.

This is the present fence surrounding the Ibrahim’s house.  Since the family first moved in, the house has served as a safe house for many new converts. With an ever-increasing use of the house for this purpose, the fence height needs to be raised to offer better security.