Newsletter Aug 2014 – Safe house Dedication

Please find our latest  Newsletter for Passion for Converts International:


One may wonder why Passion publishes such information as found in this Newsletter.  I am sure that it has surprised many to hear that reported atrocities are perpetuated by the widely proclaimed religion of peace (Islam).  Where do they draw their inspiration and be so determined, damming the consequences.  Without a divine promised reward that they are undoubtedly trusting and looking forward to receiving, no normal person would dare take a vain risk like this.

We need an understanding of why we read about Islam as a religion of peace and yet see violence perpetuated by Muslims in almost every region where Muslims live, not only in Nigeria but globally.  Every true and divine instruction should sound the same.  Young Chibok girls abducted, female teenage suicide bombers – such actions remain unclear to many.  Passion is working on finding out the reasons for these double tunes coming from Muslims and the teachings of Islam.


Rev. Muhammed Ibrahim
Thank you for remembering Passion for Converts International in your prayers..

Modern day Paul?

A year ago, in Issue No.3 of the Newsletter, it was reported that an Uztaz, a prominent Islamic preacher, met Jesus in his sleep and woke up the next morning with the conviction that Jesus is Lord.

His spiritual eyes were opened to the truth and his world really was turned upside-down.  His wife’s family insisted she divorce him.

Regardless, he has remained faithful to his Lord and Master and has so immersed himself in the Scriptures that just recently, with the aid of a donated megaphone, he courageously goes out into his local community every morning, declaring that Jesus saves.  (His face is not shown to maintain anonymity.).

Disturbing news …


Rev.Ibrahim has written:
‘Recently, there were several attacks by the suspected Boko Haram members on the poor farmers in the rural setting of Sanga Local Government.  It is in the southern part of Kaduna state and shares a boundary with the northern part of Nasarawa state.  The area is predominantly Christian.  Sad to note here that the government of Kaduna state gave them little attention in terms of emergency help.  Many kept dissociating these attacks from having religious affiliation but it is clear that no Mosque was destroyed in the Sanga attacks or a Muslim family attacked.  With all glory to God, the Christian community did not mount a revenge mission. This is in line with the teaching of the scripture.’


We, (Rev.Ibrahim’s family), woke up on the 23th July to hear about two bomb blasts in the city of Kaduna – where we live.  One of the blasts targeted a renowned Islamic Scholar (Sheik Dahiru Bauchi). He is one of the Liberal scholars who advocates for peaceful Islam. The other blast targeted the former Military leader and leader of the greatest opposition party in Nigeria.  Both of them are Muslims and have a lot of followers.  These incidents changed the interpretations of our insurgency challenge in Nigeria. If not for divine intervention, test events could have plunged our state into confusion and clear crises..