Upcoming Events

A Seminar will be held in Zonkwa, in the southern part of Kaduna State, on 28-30th August.

About 500 church leaders are expected to attend.
Rev. Ibrahim will present a paper entitled ‘History of Christian Muslim relation.’




Newsletter Jul 2013 – Nigerian President acts on militants in three N.E. states

Please find our latest  Newsletter for Passion for Converts International:

In a country where change of faith simply means forfeiting everything in life including the right to live, where should such a person go to for help if not to the brethren? Who will help him/her if the Church does not? The aim of confiscating everything from a convert is to persecute him/her to see if a convert will return to Islam. Passion is committed to the sustainability of such people and wishes to partner with them to ensure that they never return to Islam.

Rev. Muhammed Ibrahim

Thank you for remembering Passion for Converts International in your prayers..

Update on ‘Ai’shah’

Our new sister has been given some support from our friends in Australia and New Zealand.  She is currently doing well and now lives in a rented apartment.

… and another convert





The young man pictured above has come to faith recently.  He needs some suitable accommodation..


You may have been surprised to read in last month’s newsletter about Jesus appearing to ‘Ai’shah’ and saving her. This phenomena is now so common, particularly in Muslim countries, that books like ‘Dreams and Visions’ have been written about it.

Author: Tom Doyle.
ISBN 978-0-8499-4720-9.