Worth reading – Islamic Terrorist

Don’t miss the secondary fine-print title of this book – ‘Why they hate us and how we can change their minds.’  This book is about the why behind Islamic terrorism.

The author, Mark A. Gabriel, PhD, grew up as a devout Muslim in Egypt, earned a doctorate in Islamic history and culture and taught at Al-Azhir University, Cairo, the most prestigious Islamic University in the world.

As a practicing Christian for more than a decade, he has earned a masters degree in world religions and a PhD in Christian education.  In this book, he identifies the five pillars of radical philosophy – the bedrock beliefs that cut through all radical writings. Dr. Gabriel uses the writings of Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and others to show how terrorists justify their actions through the Quran, the life of Muhammad and Islamic history.

The struggle against terrorism may seem to be at a stalemate, but there is hope for the future.

  •  ISBN: 1-59185-713-9


Rejoice with ‘Angela’


‘Angela’ (not her real name) is a convert who believed Jesus through the ministry of some street preachers in Lagos.  She listened and the Holy Spirit spoke to her directly, asking her to believe Jesus because He is the Lord and the savior of the world.

When her parents spotted her speaking with these preachers, her father beat her almost to death. She was rushed to the hospital by her mother.  Even on the hospital bed, Jesus gave her an assurance that He is with her.

When she recovered and returned home, her father threaten to kill her if he later discovered that she accepted the Lord.  She had to leave home since she couldn’t refuse her conviction.  She has been moved to Passion’s rescue home and is attending a local school..

Makarau Revival Crusade blesses many

Pastor Nelson Foni, ministering during the Makarau Crusade, held on 25th – 27th December  2014. Thank God for his partnership with Passion.  Many came to Christ and healing and deliverance were conducted.


Rev. Yusuf Kagoro was also in attendance.  Many youth from Kachechere were at the crusade.

Here, Rev. Ibrahim is surrounded by grateful attendees at the Crusade.