Deliverance Prayer & the Spiritual Life

Since the aim is how to help converts find meaning to their lives now and the hereafter, Passion for Converts is designing the best way to achieve this goal. Converts may come from different context and different places of the earth, all needs similar kind of training. Some may have to be relocated to safety grounds and work on them holistically before they are returned to their initial base. However for some before the training ends, they may not be comfortable returning to such base but have seen how best to live a more fulfilling life.

Jakonda observe that the spiritual life encompassed the economic, political, social, ecological and cultural life. However the most essential aspect of a Converts Life that needs careful and immediate handling is the Spiritual Life. Experience and research from previous and present converts has revealed that any neglect on the spiritual or dichotomy can lead to backsliding. For a convert to attain spiritual maturity, his spiritual life must be handled properly just immediately after his/her conversion. Therefore a deliverance prayer for a convert is essential. This is because Islama phobia always threaten converts.

My experience after conversion was constant dreams of a Mosque and attending Jumma’t (Friday) prayers, but when I underwent a special deliverance prayer, that stopped. A recent convert I conducted a deliverance prayer for her had this testimony to share: “when I received the Lord (i.e. became a Christian/Believer) I was constantly dreaming of myself praying in a Mosque or attending a Muslim gathering until that day you conducted a deliverance prayer for me. When I shared my dreams with a Muslim lady, her advice was I needed to return to Islam before that could stopped. Praise be to God, that since you conducted deliverance prayer, instead of dreams of Mosque, I now dream more of Church and Christian gatherings”. She further affirms that since after the prayer she could pray hard and with more faith against every evil dream that had been disturbing her.

From conversion before maturity, many Muslim converts had backslidden. Two factors are always responsible: within such period, they always receive threat from fellow Muslims: their spiritual infancy never allow them to pray with a grounded faith because they are young and discipleship had not taken place. This becomes worst when proper discipleship is not given.

In another dimension when the convert is given a temporary support that gives him/her no identity or meaning in life, such a convert may easily see backsliding as an option. Therefore, a convert’s spiritual life is the first to be handled and must be given priority. In the Northern part of Nigeria, converts do enjoy tremendous support from both the Church and societies within the church yet after a while, you could find such converts backsliding. Unfortunately, some Christians conclude that such conversions are not genuine from the beginning. This is not always true. The first thing was not done first. Two things were suppose to be carried on the convert at the same time. The spiritual and the physical support.

For some church leaders, deliverance is overlooked sometimes this is done out of ignorance while sometimes it is dichotomy. Conversion for some church leaders is the end of it but that marks the beginning of a spiritual warfare.

In the light of these experiences, Passion for Converts is not taking deliverance lightly. Every convert from Islam needs deliverance prayer. Whenever the spiritual life of the convert is handle properly, he/she will on his/her own will begin to find meaning in the spiritual way. Of course this will build the physical aspect. (Matthew 6:33) Toward this, Passion for Converts is committed to the task of conducting deliverance prayer for converts anywhere they are, as long as Passion for Converts is contacted. (In the month of May, 2008, two converts were delivered from Islam phobia in Kujama, a small settlement near Kaduna town). There is no consideration of which denomination such converts choose to fellowship before Passion for Converts will conduct deliverance prayer for them. It is only when they (Passion for Converts) are invited. There is also no fixed place for such deliverance to be conducted. Just where it will be convenient for both the convert and the church he/she choose to fellowship.

Passion for Convert is ready to give both indoor and outdoor services. Presently, Passion for Convert is giving only outdoor services to converts on the spiritual deliverance prayer. This is because Passion for Converts has not yet acquire a property for such service. But as soon as Passion gets established, a place convenient for such service will be fixed.

After the spiritual life is handled, Passion will not overlook the physical needs of the converts. It is in this regards that Passion has completed arrangements with particular Trades and Vocational Centres in Kaduna town such as: Carpentry and Fashion Designers. (Just for the start). These training will be offered to converts base on the convert’s choice – The owners or managers of the above mentioned Trades are willing to offer their training as part of their support to Passion for Converts International. More Trades are negotiating with Passion for Converts and when all is completed you will be inform of the new Trades and Vocations.

Passion for Converts is prayerfully looking forward to the day they will have facilities to accommodates converts that may not have accommodation in Kaduna Town and have a means of transporting such converts to and from places of Trade learning.

To avoid monopoly in the training of converts, these Vocational centres will be managed by their owners but Passion for Converts will partner with them and may have to supervise the converts training.

Before a centre is developed in future, Passion intend to set up an administrative office in the Southern part of Kaduna city (Sabon Tasha) where Passion for Converts will be contacted.

Keep in touch with us as we keep updating you with details and look forward for your prayers.


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