Newsletter May 2013 – Passion Founder visits Australia

Here is our first Newsletter as Passion for Converts International:

“In this era, who else needs the gospel more?  Where is our closest mission field?  I believe Muslims are.  There is no visible challenge before the church like Islam.  The greatest challenge is the inability of christendom to realize the existing deception of Islam even to the learned Western world.  Passion is not only committed to providing holistic discipleship but is also committed to the task of unveiling these deceptions.

Knowledge is power and freedom.  We have an assignment.  The world is waiting for your contribution in this timely ministry.  Passion desires to see more missionaries to the Muslim world.  We would love Muslims to be saved despite their violence.  We believe in the saving power of God.  We see the outbreak of revival in the Islamic world.  We are determined to ensure that saved Muslims express their passion to the salvation of fellow Muslims. Passion therefore invites you to keep this passion moving.”
Muhammed Ibrahim.

Thank you for remembering Passion for Converts International in your prayers..

Facts about Nigeria

Nigeria, officially called the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is located in West Africa.

In 2011, the country had an estimated population of 167 million; it is the seventh-most populous country in the world and the most populous in Africa.  Abuja became the capital of Nigeria in December 1991, replacing Lagos.

Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria with an estimated population of approximately 8,000,000.

The government of Nigeria is a presidential federal republic. The current President, Goodluck Jonathan, is a christian.

Nigeria is a multi-religious country. Fifty percent of the population practice Islam, (mainly in the north), while the rest mostly adhere to Christianity, (mainly in the south). Nigeria has more than 250 ethnic groups.

Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of crude oil in the world and the 8th largest exporter..

The Vision and Work of Passion

Passion for Converts International is committed to total and holistic discipleship of converts to Christianity.  We are determined to see the meaningful growth of the convert.  Our key is from Hebrew 5:11-14.

We are committed to reducing the temptation of converts, particularly from Islam to Christianity, of backsliding to Islam due to some inevitable challenges.  We are also committed to reducing the financial implication of looking after the convert which the church has been doing.

Passion is also committed to the peaceful co-existence of Muslims and Christians because this opens the door for evangelism.  Passion for Converts International Ministry is a non-governmental, interdenominational non-profit oriented Christian Organisation.

We shall welcome your donations and partnership as the Lord may lay on your heart..