This web site is a child of necessity that is brought to you by people whose lives and destiny have been transformed by the Hope they have found in the Love of God and the Truth of Jesus Christ who has set us free. This Hope and Truth are universal and must be shared – then nurtured to maturity in those who receive them.

The material presented in this web site is based on experience and studies of the Bible.

It seeks to:

  • Provide information that will touch your life and is worth sharing
  • Provide resources that can be helpful in bringing Muslim Converts to Holistic maturity
  • Provide hope that will encourage you in Muslim mission
  • Provide Converts with the necessary tools that can help them find their rightful place in the earth and in eternity

Passion for Converts International is a Christian Organisation based in northern Nigeria which is providing sound Biblical teaching, primarily to converts from Islam. It also aims to provide biblical ideas that can be very helpful to either church or Mission bodies on how to disciple new converts.

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To understand more about culture and tradition we invite you to read these most interesting articles:

 Since the aim is how to help converts find meaning to their lives now and the hereafter, Passion for Converts is designing the best way to achieve this goal. Converts may come from different context and different places of the earth, all needs similar kind of training. Some may have to be relocated to safety grounds and work on them holistically before they are returned to their initial base. However for some before the training ends, they may not be comfortable returning to such base but have seen how best to live a more fulfilling life.

5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I have Jesus heart of love to help all people and have learned through meeting people on-line as well as good Christian teaching sites about the GREAT need of those deceived by the lie of Islam.
    I’m so glad to see this site God has used you to create and the resources available.

    You are a blessing to the Lord and those God is using those lives god is touching through you!
    Keep up the good work!

    With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!),
    Your sister in Jesus,
    Auntie Soteria

  2. I am extremely delighted such a group of people who have been rendering services to those practically have been suffering for the cause of following the Truth- Jesus Christ. I personally have been driven away because of my conversion to Christ Jesus from the Muslim background. This movement is needed to exist and serve the needy. May God bless and provide all the needful things to them for extending the place of the tent.

  3. My brother Wahab, I am happy with your comment. You are always welcome to share with us

  4. Greetings brother Muhammed Ibrahim. My husband and daughter and I met you earlier this year when you were visiting Abida’s house on the Gold Coast Queensland. The Lord has placed you and your ministry on my heart. I am currently reading a book by Faisal Malick on “The Destiny of Islam in the Endtimes”. We have moved to Far North Queensland and there are quite a reasonable amount of Muslims in the district. Would you please pray for them?

  5. Oh sure. I am glad that you told me about your new location. I will unfailingly pray for you as well as them.

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