About Zonkwa

Zonkwa, the venue of the just concluded Seminar in the southern part of Kaduna state in the north central region of Nigeria has existed for over 200 years as a settlement. The Muslims had lived in Zonkwa for over one hundred years before the post-election violence in 2011. Afterwards, many of them left their homes unprepared and unplanned.

No one has ever organised a meeting to tell the Christians about Islam until the recent Seminar held by Passion for Converts International Ministry.

A remarkable conversion story

Recently an Uztaz, a prominent Islamic preacher living in Saminaka, Kaduna state, met Jesus in his sleep and woke up in the morning with a conviction that Jesus is Lord. He went to a Church Pastor in Saminaka. Without any delay, he was led in a prayer of confession. The entire Muslim Ummah (community) reported his conversion to the Nigerian Police station in Saminaka after they (Muslims) took his two wives. The children refused to join the wives. The Uztaz and his three boys now live in a pastor’s residence and Passion is planning to move them to an undisclosed place for discipleship..