Newsletter Feb 2015 – An Election nears while the killings continue

Please find our latest  Newsletter for Passion for Converts International:

From Passion’s Desk:

Our attention in 2015 is turned towards constant seminars and awareness campaigns.  In the month of January alone Passion conducted two seminars.  One on “The challenge and prospects of Christian couples in mission” and the second on, “Know why you are where you are now”.

During these seminars, with the help of one of our partners, Passion was able to sell the book, “Glad News! God loves you my Muslim Friend” at a subsidised price.


Rev. Muhammed Ibrahim
Thank you for remembering Passion for Converts International in your prayers..

Triumphant Youths Seminar






Triumphant Youths Foundation Seminar was held in mid-February in Kaduna.  It was led by the founder, Yusuf Ibrahim Gombe, a former Muslim from the Royal family of Gombe. He relocated to Kaduna for safety reasons.  He is now married to a christian wife and has a family.

Rev. Ibrahim has ministered to Yusuf. The seminar was also held at The Church of Advent, Bayan Dutse, Narayi, Kaduna..

Rejoice with ‘Angela’

Angela’ (not her real name) is a convert who believed Jesus through the ministry of some street preachers in Lagos.  She listened and the Holy Spirit spoke to her directly, asking her to believe Jesus because He is the Lord and the savior of the world.

When her parents spotted her speaking with these preachers, her father beat her almost to death. She was rushed to the hospital by her mother.  Even on the hospital bed, Jesus gave her an assurance that He is with her.

When she recovered and returned home, her father threaten to kill her if he later discovered that she accepted the Lord.  She had to leave home since she couldn’t refuse her conviction.  She has been moved to Passion’s rescue home and is attending a local school.

Upcoming Events

A Seminar for Singles is planned for 14th March. Discussions will centre around how a Biblical sound moral life can help in reaching Muslim youths. The Seminar will be targeted at students from a secondary (High school) in Barnawa that has both Muslim and Christian students studying in the same classes.

Another Training Seminar is to be held for the group of 27 christians who recently agreed to participate in mission outreach to neighbouring Muslims.  Pray that they will be bold and courageous in their efforts to share the good news of the gospel..

Vehicle needed

We give thanks for two significant donations towards the purchase of a vehicle for the Passion ministry.
It is now an urgent need as the work of Passion continues to spread across the whole country.
Please consider how you might help – could you organise a fund-raising event or speak to someone who could give a financial gift?  A further $1,500 is needed to reach the target amount..

An Election nears while the killings continue

There has been widespread criticism of the decision to delay the election date in Nigeria.  Originally set for 14 February, the election is now to be held on 28 March, following a request from the military for more time to deal with the Boko Haram activities in the north-east.

On 3 January, Boko Haram overran the fishing village of Baga, on the shores of Lake Chad.  Then they simultaneously raided Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, and the city of Monguno on 25 January.  Fortunately, the Nigerian military successfully defended Maiduguri but Monguno, with 100,000 civilians and a large military base, was overwhelmed.  As Boko Haram relentlessly continues it’s attacks across the north-east, it is now estimated they control an area about the size of Belgium.

In a recently released video, Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram’s leader, vowed to disrupt Nigeria’s elections at any cost.  Dr. Bitrus Pogu, a prominent leader in Chibok, has said that Boko Haram’s offensive is meant, in part, to deny President Goodluck Jonathan, a christian, a second term after the 2015 elections.

One of the major difficulties to holding a free and fair election is that the electoral law states that voters must vote where they are registered.  Apart from those who have been killed by Boko Haram, around one million Nigerian’s have been displaced from their towns and cities. Nevertheless, Nigeria’s electoral commission says it will distribute voter cards to all 68.8 million voters before the election.

In a surprising development, Nigeria’s former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has resigned from the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP).  He was a founding member of the PDP and led the party to two victories following military rule which ended in 1999.  His action may persuade undecided voters to support the opposition, the All Progressives Congress (APC), formed in 2013 and regarded as a Muslim alliance with much support from the north.  It is led by retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari, a muslim military ruler deposed in a coup in 1985.

Wole Soyinka, Nigeria’s Nobel Prize winning author is critical of both contenders in the Presidential election.  To him, both President Goodluck Jonathan and opposition leader Muhammadu Buhari are “problematic candidates.”  He said, “We cannot continue this cycle of evil and irresponsibility.”

Increasing uncertainty and instability will continue since there has been a legal challenge to Buhari’s eligibility to contest the election.  The case is to be heard in the Federal High Court in Abuja on 23 February.  Mr. Obasanjo has warned that there may even be a coup.  Instability reigns..