Another amazing story

For security reasons, we are not able to publish a photo of a new
convert named Tahir.
His parents are Muslims from a Royal family in northern Nigeria.
Here is his story as related by Rev. Ibrahim:

“Tahir received Christ in his dreams and confessed this to me when he met me in the mechanic’s workshop where he works and where Tahir’s boss repairs my car.  He heard his boss call me Pastor and eventually discovered that my name is Muhammed. He went to the far end of the workshop to talk to me. I told him how I became a Pastor. When Tahir heard my testimony, he told me that Jesus has being visiting him in his dreams for the past two years but he never had any idea how to confess this because of fear. He asked for my help to lead him to Christ and also help him face less persecution. Today I have Tahir with me serving and enjoying the fellowship of brethren. He looks forward to having a bus and becoming a commercial bus driver. This will need our collective support.”

It was a joy to hear that Tahir can read and speak English.
He is currently reading ‘Let Your Light Shine!: Christian Witness in a Muslim Context’ by John Azumah.